José Nêumanne Pinto/Campanha do PT virou 180 graus, mas candidato ainda é Lula

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E agora o comentário de Josias de Souza direto de Brasília. Ele fala sobre a estratégia de campanha dos presidenciáveis neste segundo turno. Comentário de política, com José Nêumanne Pinto. Brasil 1 x 7 Alemanha - Copa do Mundo 2014. 8 de Julho de 2014, dia do maior vexame da história do futebol brasileiro, a derrota de "7 a 1" para a Alemanha, na semifinal da Copa do Mundo 2014. Vexame Brasileiro Histórico. A senador Ana Amélia criticou o PT por mudar a linha de sua campanha na tentativa de iludir o povo. Em evento na zona norte de São Paulo, o candidato tucano João Doria criticou o apoio de Paulo Skaf, do MDB, a Márcio França, do PSB, e a decisão de neutralidade da executiva nacional do PSDB. INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: MY WEBSITE: NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: ▼▼My FLIGHT-KIT I highly recommend for you guys▼▼ MY HEADSET: MY SUNGLASSES: MY PILOT BAG: Company iPad: ▼▼The VIDEO EQUIPMENT I use in my studio and outdoors▼▼ MY CAMERA: LIGHTING: IN-FLIGHT RECORDINGS: Today´s question is another favorite of mine. What is reverse thrust and when do you use it? Okay, I´ll break it down for you to the absolute basics. Reverse thrust is used to slow down the aircraft on the runway after touchdown. There are three main components which slow down the airplane on the runway: Primary Braking with disc or carbon brakes similar to your car Secondary with reverse thrust Thrid with aerodynamical braking with the ground spoilers So we have two words in reverse thrust. “Reverse” cause the turbines output is being guided into the reverse direction and as you might not know we apply "thrust" in order to increase the braking action. So let´s look at this video to see what happens at touch-down. Here you can see engine number one of a Airbus A320. At touch-down these flaps open up, so called “reverser doors”. They act as guiding vanes in the mid section of the bypass-channel of the turbine and force the accelerated air of the fan to blow into the opposite direction. Now these reverser doors don´t open automatically at touch-down, no you lift up these little levers which will activate the hydraulic system to apply pressure to the actuator which then opens the reverser doors. Keeping the levers in this position only give you “Idle reverse”, but as soon as you move the levers to the aft position, the engine will spool up creating more thrust increasing the reverse output. The engines will increase thrust up to 70% which then resembles in “Full reverse thrust”. I know it´s odd to think that you would apply thrust again just after touch-down. You can definitely hear the difference between “Idle” and “full reverse thrust”, trust me: ) Using the reversers significantly decrease the landing distance, varying between aircraft, weight and environmental factors. If you look at this great video of here, showing a Boeing 747 touching down and applying full reverse thrust you can clearly see how the water on the runway gets blown forwards. I actually experienced that myself landing on a snow covered runway, we applied full reverse thrust and you could literally see the snow blowing infront of the aircraft. So when do you use reverse thrust? Using “idle reverse” at touch-down is mandatory by many aircraft manufactures and airlines. First and far most to immediately decrease the aircrafts speed and to stabilize the aircrafts roll out plus to reduce brake usage. Landing on wet or snow contaminated runways using reverse thrust is absolutely vital to decelerate the aircraft and preventing it from skidding and keeping it in a straight line. Full reverse thrust is not permitted at some airports due to noise abendement procedures or at least restricted in between hours from here to then. Nevertheless pilots can use full reverse thrust when deemed necessary, but might have to state their decision in a report. Airplanes with wing mounted engines may only use full reverse thrust until slowing down to a specified speed, cause using the reverser below that speed could blow up loose gravel on the runway which could get sucked into the engine and damage the turbine. For example in an Airbus A320 you would have to reduce "full reverse thrust to idle reverse" at 70 knots, and retract the reverser at speeds below 40 knots. There are many different reverser types out there, but all work after the basic principle by forcing the air or even the exhaust into the opposite direction. So I hope I´ve answered another aviation related question for you. If you have a question that´s been on your mind, don´t hesitate to write me, therefore subscribe my channel, check out my website and spread the word! Farewell your Captain Joe Info: Fairly often you see executive jets using reverse thrust during taxi, to reduce break usage whilst rolling down sloping taxiways. Cause of their high mounted engines pilots don´t need to worry damaging the turbine due to gravel on the asphalt. And the well know MD80 with her rear mounted engines use to have a power back procedure, where they used reverse thrust to back out of a gate position. I´m not 100% if that procedure is still around? Maybe you know? To me that looks very dangerous.

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